About Us

Wake On Water is an initiative to engage youth (age 11 through college-age) using wakeboarding, wakesurfing and other water sports in a Christian-based setting. There are many situations and lessons to be learned in watersports that can be directly applied to life. We want to use these activities to teach our next generation about Christ and what’s important in life, how to prepare for it and also, how to enjoy it.

Our ministry is setup around Matthew 14:29, “Come,” He said. Then Peter climbed out of the boat, walked on the water, and came toward Jesus. By staying “in the boat” we often miss some of God’s biggest blessings. By teaching these youth to embrace their challenges, they have an opportunity to experience a victory – victory though Christ!

What is a “Christian-based” setting?

It is an environment where everybody is respected, supported and cared about; where failure (falling) is alright. It’s a safe place where we stimulate and push each other to become a better person and get out of our comfort zone (literally, stepping out of the boat). It is an environment where people share what God has done for them and what He means to them. It’s an environment where Christ is our role model, leader, inspiration and salvation.

Our Vision

To grow God’s kingdom by using an extreme sport to teach teenagers that are capable of a lot more than what they ordinarily think is possible, and that with God even impossible things are possible.

Our Goal

To use this ministry to impact area communities and introduce Christ to as many people as possible. Our desire is also to support others to setup a similar wakeboard initiative in their own community.

Our Plan

To introduce wakeboarding to youth and their parents in a Christian atmosphere, and use the opportunity to teach about relationships, trust, faith and hope. We do this through events held periodically during the summer at Lake Anna. We also desire to come along side youth who already know Christ and train them up in God’s work to support each other to literally step out of the boat (their comfort zone) to testify for Christ.